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So, You Want to Be Heard

Writing a blog is the most effective and easiest ways to be heard.

Writing a blog is the most effective and easiest ways to be heard.

What is a blog?
A blog is just an informal way of getting your thoughts out there.  A way for you to share the things you like, dislike, passions and ideas with the world.  Controversial, personal, short or informal, when it comes to writing a blog there is no wrong.  You can think of a blog like the entries in your own personal journal with interesting topics. Just ask yourself what you want to share with others, it can be anything from things that you love, care about, God, religion, your opinions on politics, even fashion tips on what to wear.

Why do people blog?  
I believe people blog because in one way or another we all wish to have a voice and be heard. Thanks to the world wide web who has provided a medium for all to be heard creating a global audience for any-one. It's really about communication and an effective way to get a message across. 
Here are some of the things you need to blog:
•    Topic: Think of what you want to write about, make it relevant and clear. 
•    Title: Make sure you give your topic a title, it should be short, direct and to the point. 
•    Connect: Think of how you want to connect with your audience and how you want to present the information. Do you want to teach, help, inspire, make them laugh or inform them about something important?
•     Ask Questions: It will help people engage in your topic.
•    Add a Picture: This is completely optional. One image is great if it coincides with the article. 

Most of all, have fun, you have the entire world at your disposal, why not talk about anything you want.