Dominion All Professionals Group (DAPG)

CORE organizers

  • Min Edward Adiele  - Minister In Charge
  • Pastor Simon Ibe – Co – Minister In Charge
  • Olusegun Omosebi – Coordinator
  • Ronke Kale – Coordinator


DAPG – The Dominion All Professionals' Group would be made up of all the professionals and para-professionals in the congregation. The fellowship is to address the professional needs and desires of members of the Congregation. The DAPG would also serve as an advisory group to the Pastorate on the professional and educational seminars or opportunities that are available to the members of the congregation.


The DAPG will provide a soft landing for all new professional arrivals to the Congregation. Information and the trainings needed for them to continue their various professions in the USA will be made available to them. The DAPG will serve as the launching and re-launching platform for all professionals: Young and Old, New, Aspiring and Proficient into the various Job markets available in the USA.

The DAPG will work with internal and invited professionals to organize seminars which will be open to all fellowships and members of the congregation to speak on various topics that will be beneficial to members of the congregation. The details and dates for the proposed seminars will be worked out with the minister in charge and the pastorate.


This body would provide and facilitate the following:

  • Career development workshops.
  • Professional development workshops.
  • Resume and Job interview profiling.
  • Encourage networking among professionals.
  • Educational Seminars
  • Business & Financial Seminars