Good Women Fellowship

Dominion Good Women In Our Year Of Glory

It is without a doubt that Female leadership in the church is on the rise. The Good Women of Dominion come together in a very relaxed atmosphere and interact positively to address issues surrounding ways in which we may improve the quality of our various homes, marriages, ministries and services to our Lord. It is an avenue to network with existing women of God and continue to build friendship and sisterhood beyond just attending church. Developing a sisterhood bond is a true friend with the foundation of God.

The governing body of RCCG, from Daddy G. O to our Mother In Israel, Pastor Folu Adeboye through to the Chairperson of WIM in North America, Pastor Manita Fadel – Wife of the Chairman, RCCGNA, Pastor James Fadel. Sacrifice and Service to Almighty God Falls specially on women and for us, we hold a key Servant in Dominion Cathedral with our Very Own Pastor Toyin Laoye, The First Female Pastor in North America.

Our Vision reflects her vision. Annually she carries out tireless service to Jesus from Homeland of Nigeria to the land she has come to possess here in Dominion Cathedral, NJ. As Provincial Headquarters, our women are up for the challenge of spearheading ideas and events to make impact in the body of the Church within our parish and outward to like able and growing churches as ourselves. In this our year of Glory we will glorify the Name of the Lord for all that he shall do through us. Join us at our fellowship meetings every second Sunday of each month. God is shaping and developing women for the times we live in and you are not an exception. Remain Blessed!

Dominion Women Declaration

Who am I ?

  • I am a woman who Loves Jesus Christ and he is my Lord and Savior. 
  • I am a Woman who fears God.
  • I am a Woman who will choose Jesus Christ above everything else. 
  • I am a Woman of integrity, not a hypocrite.
  • I am a Woman who turns away from evil and things of the flesh. 
  • I am a Woman that serves the Most High God.
  • I am a Woman who speaks to the Lord in prayer and he answers me.
  • I am a Woman who will not give up eternity for things of the world. 
  • I am a Woman whose eyes are set on reaching those who don't know Jesus. 
  • I am a Woman who should be feared, because my God fights for me. 
  • I am a Woman that does not sit in the place of the scornful nor dwells in the place of the wicked and ungodly 
  • I am a Woman who treasures what God has given to me. 
  • I am a Woman who is blessed beyond measure; for my God provides for me
  • I am a Woman who is lost if I don't have Jesus, so I never leave his side.
  • I am a Woman who walks in grace and will remain Holy unto God
  • I am a Woman who is sealed by the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, heir to the throne of Heaven. 

Who am I? I am a Daughter to the King of Kings, Princess of the Almighty. 


Our God is ready and able to fight for us. But we need also to look out for our sisters, as the hands and feet of the church, we are the vessels that God intends to use. (That can be found in) 1 Peter 2:9 We can be each other's miracle. Also we need to be listening ears to our sisters, encouraging lips and battleaxes for each other. When we take time to invest in others, the seeds we sow will come back to us. Proverbs 11:25

 Also, Proverbs 31:8-9 Says "Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all the unfortunate. Open your mouth, judge righteously, and defend the rights of the afflicted and needy." It is better that we swallow our pride and say we need help than to be pretending that all is well with us and our marriages, and continue in sadness, depression, misery, or abuse, emotional or physical. Many of our sisters need our help and many of our sisters need to speak up.

Women Leading the Change

We lead best when God leads first. The way to achieve this is through a continuous yearning for him in his presence and in his Word. We must follow the pattern of God to become the leader that Jesus Christ was. He started the church with the discipleship of 12, Led by Peter. Jesus asked Peter to feed his sheep. Peter followed the commands given unto him, so we too are to GO INTO THE WORLD and do the will of our Father. We do this by leading With Authority But with the Love of Christ as our example representing our father to draw others to him.

(We are to have that Spiritual magnetism by being God'srepresentatives in every aspect of our character). We are to beleaders in our Homes, Church, Our places of work and every opportunity to our children and spouses and family memberswho in kind, we teach by example. When we realize that we are responsible for the example we set in all manner of circumstances, our habits and our patterns and our character should change.



My Sister, we should consider our Lord and savior Himself, Jesus Christ. He never gave up, even when the ones he came to help was spitting in His face and were plotting to kill him. Our calling is bigger than the way we are treated and the way we feel when things are not going your way. We must be encouraged & keep pressing on. Our example will Influence others !

Our Lord's Directive

To see our brothers and sisters saved.

To carry our crown with Grace, His work should not be burdensome.

To remain humble although we are highly exalted.

Our Lord expects us to be poised and proper in dressing, speech, behavior.

Our Lord expects us to operate with the Authority given to us.

1 Corinthians 12:25-26

(That there should be no schism in the body; but

That the members should have the same care one

 for another. And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it; or one member be

 honored, all the members rejoice with it.)