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Getting involved in church activities is an important way of becoming part of your community, getting to know others who are members of your church and growing together in the Lord. Your church should be more than a place of worship it should be an integral part of your social life too and essentially become a way of life. Because of this, we urge you to become a member of a RCCG Dominion Cathedral group where you will encounter great events and people to enrich your life. After joining RCCG Dominion Cathedral as a member, there are many ways to get more involved with RCCG Dominion Cathedral – and it can both be personally enjoyable and fulfilling. The first thing you should always do is ask if there is any way in which you can help. Perhaps there is a particular area that you are interested in such as music or care giving. Perhaps there is an activity that you would love to see at church, well there is no reason why you cannot start it up. People are always excited about getting involved in new and fun activities – so get involved! To join one of our fun and exciting groups at RCCG Dominion Cathedral, please fill out the form below and your membership request will be forwarded to the Group's Leader who will then contact you and help bring you aboard the group.

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