Welcome to the Engineering Department of RCCG Dominion Cathedral. Here, we have an essential role in the execution of the Church Service. From the Visual Ministrations to the Camera Work, we strive to create an atmosphere where the Word of God can be experienced.


The Department is divided into 6 functions:

  • VMIX - Video Mixer that outputs the media to the Video Wall, Alter T.V., All the T.Vs and controls the online streaming.
  • ProPresenter- Software that controls all the input, song lyrics, bible reading, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Soundboard - Controls and mixes all the sound that is coming out of the speakers.
  • Lighting - Controls the lighting and coloring of the church. Provides a visual form of worship.
  • Camera - Captures all the activities of the Church.
  • New Casting - Provides the Church with Announcements and details on upcoming events.
  • Photograph - captures still images of the churches activites